Dance Expo 2

By: ebediyet

Feb 05 2012

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My character is at a point where she is now going to be able to participate in the upcoming dance expo in imperial Ar so I thought it would be entertaining to submit a few looks for my readers approval. I have yet to come up with a dance theme although I do have a few idea’s floating in my head so any suggestions on that and music is also welcome. I’d love to hear from others because I know I am not all that creative, lol.

About the look; This is the Mirage Dancer outfit from BareRose. It is a mesh outfit so it moves with the character’s body and also has a bra and panties option that I did not include in the outfit above.

Pros: It is mesh, it moves with the body and is very detailed.

Con: It is mesh and not everyone will be able to see it, also I have had to modify my shape a considerable amount to fit into it correctly.  Also, being mesh I am unable to darken the color so while the item’s description lists it as red it is more of a pink color and not exactly the sultry look I was going for. With that as well if I wear longer hair it doesn’t look good because it detracts from the beautiful detailing on the outfit.


My overall opinion is that it is a beautiful outfit and would look lovely on most dancers. With that said it is also incredibly cheap as most of Barerose items are, and for the price you cannot beat it.  What do you think?




One comment on “Dance Expo 2”

  1. Love the outfit.

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